Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much money can I save buying at auction? 

A. That’s a good question but there is no definitive answer. It could be upto 80%, if you do your homework. 


Q. What is a multiple lot?

A. A multiple lot is when there is more than one item of the same specification. You don’t have to buy them all.   We sell multiple lots on an individual basis.



Q. How much is the entrance fee?

A. Completely free.


Q. How much do I pay for extra’s on top of my bid?

A. Our current auction consignment is a commercial sale. The commission is 10% and all bids are subject to the VAT on the total (e.g. A typical £20 hammer bid would deliver a total invoice amount of £26. No Hidden Extras )


Q. What if I buy an item and I later find it to be faulty and not sold as described?

A. You are fully guaranteed with all purchases if this ever arises.


Q. Am I covered for second hand electrical items?

A. Our company policy doesn’t allow us to accept second hand electrical consignments, we only accept electrical items if they are brand new, perfect and carry the full manufacturers warranty.


Q. Can I take items away as soon as I bid and pay for them?

A. Sometimes we can accommodate this request. If we are holding an auction at our fixed premises. It depends on the item. If we are in a temporary location we serve customers around 20 - 25 minutes after the final hammer closes the auction. 


Q. Do I have to sit through the whole auction?

A. Definitely not, you are free to come and go as you please, even if you have bid for an item. Collection times are usually around up to three hours after the auction closes or by special arrangement. 


Q. How do I know the authenticity of an item if there are loads of copies around?

A. In 99.9% of the cases original paintings and limited editions come with full authenticity, paperwork and valuations. Jewellery and Diamonds come with full independent gemological certification and replacement valuations, most other items would be obvious on physical inspection but if the requirement is for written authenticity we can provide that on request free of charge.


Q. What happens if I bid for an item and I change my mind? 

A. You are legally bound to pay for that item, and collect it from the auction room. However if you are a first time attendee and made a simple mistake we would resell the item for you if you paid for it first.


Q. Can I put items into your auction?

A. We only accept large trade consignments, usually containerised, however, if we had 50 to 100 items we would consider this for entry as long as the quality was consistent with our image.


Q. How can you advertise items with such low prices?

A. The nature of our business is clearing large consignments expeditiously so we only accept consignments that don’t have restrictive price clauses.


Q. What if I buy large items and I cannot get them into my vehicle? 

A. Don’t worry, we can help and we can arrange delivery.